How to paint your house and get right

How to paint your house and get right
How to paint your house and get right
How to paint your house and get right

As the proverb goes "there is no accounting for taste" and the thing is that there is an extensive range of colors and we are so different, that the fact that we prefer one color or another one, is a very personal thing. However, when it is time to painting the house you have to take into account some factors because of the space is harmonious. There is fluidity between the color of the walls and the furniture or the decoration and not make mistakes that make you have to repaint a room or the whole house because you have tired of that strong color you liked.

To get started, you have to buy quality products which are appropriate for the surface to be painted and for the space: a room where humidity can be accumulated is not the same as one where children play. Secondly, you have to prepare all the walls before painting, removing imperfections and leaving them as thin and smooth as possible so that the paint finish is perfect.
Currently, manufacturers offer many ranges of colors and with very different finishes so we can choose the one that best suits us. Here are some guidelines for choosing paint:

  • Room type: the whole house can be painted with the same type of paint but the result will not be the same in all the rooms because the painting of wet areas such as the bathroom or the kitchen must be different from the bedroom, as we mentioned. The best is to choose the paint according to the environmental conditions of each space.
  • Finishes: the paints can be matte or satin, the latter usually have a bit of brightness and resist better over the time but the matte one covers more, which requires fewer layers to cover the surface and may be the most appropriate for a wall that has more imperfections.
  • Information: besides that any expert can inform you and advise you about the conditions of each painting, each container bears its label in which are the characteristics such as: the covering capacity, the drying time or the performance by meter square. In this way, you can calculate the amount you will need.

Once you have chosen the type of paint, you should know that there are a number of mistakes you should avoid so that the color we choose lasts over time and helps your home to gain in luminosity and warmth. For example:

  • See before the color to choose: you always have the option to see the color in a sample or use the applications that already exist, an opportunity to see virtually how the color would be in each room. Even so, you have to be careful because it doesn't fit the reality at all and it may turn out that, subsequently, the chosen color is not quite right on the wall, since each room reflects the color differently according to the light that he has and according to the hours of the day. To avoid mistakes, you can paint an area and observe it during different moments of the day to see if the color finally likes you.
  • Dark colors in illuminated spaces: although you may think that a dark color is good in a large and bright room, the effect is precisely the opposite, since these types of rooms require light colors precisely to reflect the light they already have.
  • White color for spaces without light: if the room does not have direct light, it will be very cold painted white, in this case you should choose a cream or raw color, which is equally bright but in this case will bring more warmth.
  • Decoration: you have to keep in mind that if you have very colorful furniture you can't paint the walls with an intensive color. Contrary to, if you have neutral or light furniture, you can add a touch of color with the painting of the walls to endow more personality to the room.
  • Colors combination: if you do not know how to combine the colors, don't make the mistake of putting a different color in each room because you will create an effect of color abuse which won't give harmony to the whole house. And if you like to combine colors in the same room, don't use more than three.
  • White: forget that belief that painting in white is not painting, it is true that instead you can choose another type of colors such as ivory or cream, which are also light colors, but the white color allows you to have a neutral background and play with the decoration and furniture to give personality to your space.

On the other hand, there are some tricks that will allow you to guess when you paint, such as:

  • If you want to integrate a work library or a wardrobe, you can paint it in the same color as the walls and it will melt in the space of the room.
  • Background walls painted in darker colors than the side walls will visually widen the space.
  • If you want the space to be enlarged with respect to the ceiling, paint it lighter than the walls.

The cromoterapia maintains that the colors help us to feel one way or another one when we find ourselves in a room with a certain color. On that way, when you paint your house, you should keep in mind what you want to transmit and how you want to feel in each room. Do you want to be relaxed in the living room or in your bedroom? Do you want the bathroom to transmit serenity or do you want it to be a stimulating space? The strong and intensive colors are to feel energized and the neutral and soft colors give you peace and serenity.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you decide to paint is not to be controled by fashions because, probably, you don't paint your house every year and think overall, see the available space, the light that is in each room and combine it with the furniture and the decoration we have and as always, let yourself be advised by experts when choosing the type of paint and the finish.

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