Apialia, what is it?

Apialia, what is it?
Apialia, what is it?

MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a concept imported from the United States, where it has existed since the beginning of the last century, and which consists of real estate professionals organizing themselves into a network to share mandates, usually exclusive, entrusted by their customers.

It was in 2002 that the first MLS was created in Spain, with mixed success, due mainly to the difference in mentality between American and Mediterranean professionals. Indeed, in the United States, real estate agents work systematically in collaboration, to the extent that they are not allowed to represent both the seller and the buyer for the conflict of interest that this may represent. The commercial networks have thousands of members there without any problem, and the profession of real estate agent is one of the best considered.

In Spain, between the years 2002 and 2007, that is during the period of the real estate boom, we see blooming everywhere an unimaginable number of pharmacies offering real estate sales services. Anyone can then, with a table and two chairs, introduce themselves as an agent and practice intermediation in exchange for commission. We understand why the profession has since suffered from a sad reputation, as it is true that amateurism in this area can lead to nothing good.

To respond to this problem, it is in 2010, shortly after the beginning of the worst real estate crisis in Spain, that the Generalitat de Catalunya introduced the register of real estate agents of Catalonia (Aicat), obligatory for any person who wish to practice as a real estate professional, and who requires their members to demonstrate their knowledge and to take out liability insurance. This salutary measure responds to a need for protection for consumers who have trouble sorting out real professionals and amateurs.

Another element to take into account to understand the evolution of the real estate agent's mission, is that of technological progress. While twenty years ago, a potential buyer did not have easy access to the real estate offer, he had to beat the pavement and enter asking the agencies what they offered, he can today make visits in three dimensions without moving from his living room. This implies for real estate professionals the need to acquire and maintain, in addition to legal, technical and commercial knowledge, advanced knowledge in many other areas, such as digital marketing for example.

In a nutshell, real estate agents today must demonstrate great professionalism to meet the expectations of a demanding costumers. With this in mind, the College of Real Estate Agents (API) decided in 2013 to create its own MLS system, Apialia.

Faced with the lack of enthusiasm of Mediterranean real estate agents for large scale collaboration, and knowing the importance of personal relationships in our country, the concept of MLS is adapted and segmented by geographical area. The Apialia business groups are therefore resolutely close to their customers.

On October 26, 2016, Easy Brava took part in the foundation of Apialia Costa Brava, which then had twelve branches spread between Sant Feliu de Guixols and Palamós. The team has since expanded and added additional members, extending our area of influence to Pals.

What are the advantages for a seller of working with a member of Apialia?

By entrusting the exclusive sale of your property to a member of Apialia, all agencies of the group will have it automatically for sale. One interlocutor, 20 agencies at your service.

Traditional real estate agency:

  1. One point of sale
  2. Few real estate agents at your service
  3. Restricted distribution of the sales mandate.
  4. Agents are not 100% involved
  5. Few potential buyers

With Apialia

  1. More real estate agents offering your property for sale.
  2. Greater dissemination of the sale of your property
  3. Agents trained in real estate marketing (CRS)
  4. More potential buyers for your property
  5. Faster sales period

And what are the advantages for a buyer?

Through a real estate agency owned by Apiala business groups, the buyer will have access to a wide range of goods in the fastest, most enjoyable and easiest way. By visiting a single agency, the possibilities of finding the property you are looking for are multiplied. In addition, shared exclusives keep the same prices and conditions, regardless of the agency you work with. This supposes a greater transparency of the real estate market, which always benefits the consumer.

Traditional real estate agency

  1. Limited geographical area
  2. Reduced offer of properties
  3. Few agents at your disposal

With Apialia

  1. Extensive geographical area
  2. A broader real estate offer
  3. Agents trained in real estate marketing
  4. Many agents at your disposal

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