Real estate investment in the Costa Brava

Real estate investment in the Costa Brava

Fortunately, the years of crisis caused by the housing bubble, more than a decade ago, have been left behind, giving rise to a recovery of the sector throughout last year and turning this year 2019 into the year where the market will be re-consolidated. real estate, but this time, it will be done in a moderate way and together with a stabilization of prices.
With respect to sales, after the increase in transactions in 2018, this year 2019, this upward trend will continue, even surpassing the operations of last year. While it is true that in principle the forecasts point to an increase in housing prices, even so, purchases tend to increase, thanks among other reasons that confidence has grown in the economy.

In this way, Spain is a country that for both the local investor and the foreign investor, becomes a good destination to consider the purchase of a home. Our country and our main cities such as Madrid and Barcelona are in the ranking of capitals where you can invest for the purchase of a property. But this trend is not only reflected in the major capitals, but the coastal areas and islands, also become a claim for future buyers decide to invest.
If we talk specifically about the Costa Brava, we will see that this area has a number of very advantageous features that provide added value for real estate investors to consider buying here:

  1. Natural and cultural heritage: the Costa Brava has an incredible natural heritage, highlighting its beaches and coves, internationally recognized, with good facilities for the practice of water sports. Also, its cultural heritage together with its gastronomy of international renown, make the Costa Brava a privileged area full of tourist attractions.
  2. Good communication: Girona airport, as well as Barcelona airport, together with a good road communication network, make the Costa Brava an area of easy and fast access.
  3. Profitability: experts say that investing in coastal areas is a way to make the investment profitable, since the coast is being revitalized and hotel occupancy and therefore prices are increasing, so buying a house in this area can help us leaving very profitable, if we contemplate the idea of the tourist rental as holiday residence as an interesting option for the buyer.
  4. Foreign investment: as we commented at the beginning of the article, a large part of the international capital bets on the Costa Brava to invest. There is more and more diversification of investors that mostly comes from Europe. So, investing in this real estate market is a safe value.

The high profitability and dynamism of the market, together with the participation of the foreign presence and all these advantages that we have listed, make the Costa Brava one of the best destinations to invest in Spain.
But this area is not only suitable to buy a home to reside or to consider tourist rent, the Costa Brava, it also becomes a very interesting option for those who want to invest in luxury housing, as the tourist claim as well like the weather, this area is the ideal destination to have a second home to spend your vacation, as well as to consider buying a house in this area to have a well deserved rest when your retirement comes.

Since last year, we have been seeing how the luxury housing market was increasing in our country and, in fact, there was a growth in the purchase and sale of residential real estate, which reaffirmed the recovery of the real estate sector. In fact, the areas where sales of this type of housing increased most were, in addition to the main Spanish cities, holiday destinations such as islands and coastal cities. With a recovering economy and better access to credit again, there were favorable conditions for this real estate boom to take place.
According to experts, luxury housing will continue to show an upward trend in prices during this year 2019 due to strong international demand but also to the lack of supply of real estate of this type, where the traditional European investors, are now added Many Latin American investors with great purchasing power.

Currently, and with the recovery of the economy, the investment in the coast is destined to the use and enjoyment of housing, but we must not rule out the possibility of making a mixed use, that is, enjoying it during a part of the year and renting it out. months that is not used or simply investing to get the most profitability by making use of tourist rent, where the demand in these areas is large and important.
In any case, whether you plan to invest in buying a home to live or rent, as well as a luxury property to sell later, everything indicates that this is the best time to consider buying a property, and the Costa Brava, is the best area where you will have the possibility to find what you are looking for.

In our agency of real estate services Easy Brava we are experts in this area of the Costa Brava, we have been serving our customers since 2006, betting on an excellent and quality service, with a team of qualified agents to meet any need you may have. We have offices in Calonge and Palamós where we can personally assist you and offer solutions developed by our advisors to find what you want.

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