How to clean the radiators of your heating?

How to clean the radiators of your heating?

Radiators are devices that are normally attached to the wall and that have internal ducts and that through them we get the heat to the home in times of cold. From time to time these radiators must receive a maintenance and of course a painting does not do them anything bad.

The perfect time for this type of activity is the summer, when we can open the windows of the house so that the radiators are thoroughly cleaned and painted. It may seem complicated to clean the radiators for the slots they have, but in reality it is much simpler than you imagine.

The first thing you have to do is put newspaper on the floor and the wall, so they do not get dirty. Then proceed to remove the surface dust that is in your radiator and the best way to do this is with a rag wet in alcohol. For narrower spaces and cracks, you can use a brush that is also wet in alcohol. Repeat the process with water only and finally dry with a dry cloth.

After cleaning, comes the part of the painting. Most radiators are white, but if you have a favorite color, take the opportunity to use it. The important thing of this painting is that it is anti-caloric enamel, which is special for high temperatures. The best way to paint the radiators, is to use a spray, in order to reach all places and corners. Do it carefully to avoid painting the walls.

We must allow this painting to dry by opening the windows and thus the smell that may remain will disappear.

The radiators will be ready to pass the heat in the cold season and with the renewal of the painting can also add beauty to the home,

It is necessary to clean the radiators even if they are not used so that they do not accumulate dust and thus in winter you can use them without mishaps. Ideally, you should clean the dust every week and once a month a deeper cleaning.

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