Repairing a toilet cistern is very easy following these simple steps

Repairing a toilet cistern is very easy following these simple steps

WC cisterns tend to be one of the elements that most headaches cause, since its use is continued throughout the day and, with the passage of time, the system of gears that includes can suffer breakdowns or breakages that should be repaired for a correct use.

Even so, before calling a home DIY specialist and before despair invades you and opting for the purchase of new pieces, try to locate the problem , because the solution could be within your reach, simple and without greater expenses than buying a spare part to repair the cistern.

What's wrong with my cistern?
The most common problem is that there is an excessive loss of water or that the tank makes strange noises. Solving it is simpler than you think, given that most failures are caused by the float that controls the entry and exit of water and would be enough to buy a new float and replace it. With this, pliers and a wrench will be your main allies, although we should not leave the mop very far just in case.

What to do if little or lots of water comes out?
1. Close the water passage to work without stress and empty the tank completely for greater maneuverability.

2. Remove the cover, for which you will have to unscrew the discharge valve.

3. Replace the filling valve or float valve, whatever the case may be. It is very simple, and as you will have to remove the old one, it will not be complicated to fix the only screw that it has in the correct position.

4. Replace the lid, screw the discharge valve tight and enjoy your favorite corner of the home, whenever nature knocks on your door.