3 simple tricks to organize your bathroom

3 simple tricks to organize your bathroom

The bathroom is the place of the house that we use, so cleaning and decorating can be a headache. So no matter what room you have a large or small bathroom, keep it clean and organized should be a priority to look your best.

Save to personal hygiene products can generate disorder sometimes. Keep organized you will be very helpful to find them faster, especially in those moments that you have to fix without losing time to go to work. Read these simple tricks and keep your bathroom tidy.

Check you have

Many times in the bathrooms large numbers of objects are stored, to drugs, which expire with the passage of time. Therefore, we recommend that before organizing, withdraw all furniture products and you check each to get rid of that is outdated or no longer served. Remember that store much, you can take your space then you will need.

Make use of hangers and shelves

Use shelves attached to the walls so you can store hygiene products and towels. Currently, place a cabinet above the toilet is a trend of great help to store items.

The hangers can be very useful in the bathroom because they allow you to extend the towels or any clothing. Attempts to locate near the shower or at the door, and if you want to take advantage of more space, you can place them behind the door.

Put into practice the order

The baskets are ideal for decorating and at the same time do not want to hide parts from view in the room. Depending on the size of the baskets, you can use them to keep up or even to store dirty laundry.

In the shower, you can locate metal baskets, will serve to provide sponges, soaps and hair products. Thus, not lying on the floor will not clog when taking a bath.