What is the right price ?

What is the right price ?

Your Real Estate Agent can help you

Easy Brava,real state of reference in area of Calonge, has seen grow its business, both in sales and in the holiday rentals. Our clients basically comes from UE and seek in Costa Brava, the sun and the sea that makes this area a tourist paradise.

The good news is happening and the housing market isn´t far behind.The downturn in the housing market launched in 2007, appears to have ended, and the prices at witch sales are statabilizing at levels equivalents to those before the boom. We can say that is a good time to buy a home in the sun.

However, when looking for the house of his dreams, the buyer is lost by price differences. Often, our clients ask us what the margin trading is used but there isn´t a correct answer. In fact, the prices that put sellers are subjectives.

Our job as a realtor, is to advise the seller the estimated market value of his property, based on objective criteria like the quality of construction, antiquity, location, and in our experience. Sometimes we refused the order to sell a property because we felt that the price was too high and hadn´t opportunity to be purchased. This philosophy ensures safety buyer, find a property with good value for money.