How to prepare a property for sale

How to prepare a property for sale
How to prepare a property for sale
How to prepare a property for sale

If you are considering selling your house, you should know that the success or failure of your sale depends on how and what you show.
We begin by a list with some mistakes we shouldn’t make when showing our house to potential customers:

  • Price: it should be clear that, event though the estate market recovering, the current trend is not to put a price that goes out of context because we probably won’t sell the house in a short period of time and what is worse, we will facilitate the work to other sellers that may have more appropriate prices into the market.
  • Not prepared dwelling: the house must be in perfect conditions when we show it. This is a key point that can be translated into a quick sales process or otherwise, we have the house for sale for a long period of time.
  • Not having a professional: surely this is the most important point, since many times we think that selling a house is easy and we can do it ourselves, but this is not the case.

However, considering the last-mentioned error and at the same time the most important, we must consider all the advantages of leaving our house at the hands of a professional with the aim to sell it:

  • They know the market: estate agents have a pocket of clients as well as portals and social networks. They will be responsible for preparing your home which appears perfect to attract potential customers. The estate agents will prepare the photographs and get the best out of your property so that stands out from the rest.
  • They control the buyers and know how to negotiate: sometimes we find people who are just going to pass the time and they really don’t have the intention of buying a house. If you don’t want to waste your time with unpretentious visits and don’t want to be fooled, the estate professional will filter and warn you when there is a really interested customer.

However, in case you make an offer, you must be ready to negotiate. You must set a margin and a limit, so you can take advantage of the offers that you raise and get the sale.
With an estate agent, you will have the necessary information in order to not lose money during the transaction.

  • Prepare the house: this is another important point that we highlight among the mistakes to avoid. As you well know "the first impression is what counts" and this is also applicable when we show a property.The estate agent knows the techniques of "Home Staging" or what is the same "staging the house" in order to get the best aspect and capture the attention of future buyers.

There are some basic rules to have the house in good aspect to show it:

  • Depersonalize: no matter how much you like your décor, the house must present a neutral aspect with the minor personal objects possible to reach a greater number of interested parties. You can consider the idea of painting the house again, always with a light colour, remove the furniture that is older and reorder the space. The house should have free spaces and a good light, which should pay special attention to the neutral light and the lamps and lighting systems of the house.
  • Cleaning and organization: it may be obvious, but a house must present a perfect cleanliness and an excellent order. It should give the feeling of space and spaciousness when visiting for the first time.
  • No pets: when you show a house, you must think that not everyone wants to have animals and as mentioned above, the atmosphere breathed in the house must be clean and neutral. If you have pets, the best way is to leave them at someone's house and remove any clues that may be. Anyway, it is very helpful to put some subtle scent freshener to give a more pleasant touch.
  • Reforms: this is the moment when you must change the water tap that doesn’t protrude or that appliance that doesn’t work. Keep in mind that the bathroom and kitchen are two of the most important parts of the house for visitors and if they are in good conditions, you will add points to the interest the customers may have in your home. Regarding the reforms, you can choose to make small changes and not invest a big amount of money or you can do a completely new remodelling before putting the house on sale. It is important to think that, even if you must invest some money, then this investment will result in a price increase, due to the new housing conditions. In addition, the interest of potential purchasers will be greater and, consequently, the sale of the house will be made by a shorter period.

As you have seen before, something as simple as preparing a house to sell it is a longer process than you think. If you really want to do it well and sale it as quickly as possible, you must consider the idea of hiring the services of a professional.

From our Easy Brava Estate Agency, we offer to prepare your property and make the purchase-sale operation as soon as possible, without you having to worry about anything.

You can come to any of our offices that appear in the "Contact" tab of our website or if you prefer, you can call us. We will be happy to help you and to be able to solve any doubt or query that you have.

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