Why and where to buy a tourist house to invest.

Why and where to buy a tourist house to invest.

According to the website Vacaciones España, during 2017 the percentage of tourists increased by 10.3% compared to the previous year, which highlights the country as the third favorite tourist destination. In addition, according to the UNWTO report of the same year, our income from this item exceeded 56.5 million dollars, the highest being only behind China and the United States.

All this has resulted in a strong demand that has caused more and more owners to see the tourist rental modality as a juicy opportunity. According to Tinsa's 2016 report, this is due to the fact that the reactivation symptoms of this market are encouraging Spanish investors to buy homes in order to invest in this area. However, even with all these favorable numbers, we must not forget that the profitability of these rents is conditioned by their occupancy rate, location and type of housing.

On the other hand, the sectors of sale in Spain indicate that the demand of the different types of housing responds to the destination. Thus, the villas are more popular in coastal destinations, especially by families in search of open spaces and parking spaces, and the flats are the most demanded in urban areas. In fact, according to market research data: Tourist rental, a rising market, due to the search for comforting places, with access to all services and amenities, the latter are the most sought after, especially when they are in the center of the cities.

With regard to the area, Catalonia is positioned as the autonomous community with the highest tourist occupation figure, followed by Andalusia, the Balearic Islands and the Mediterranean coast. Finally, it is worth taking into account the profile of the tourist, since the one who usually makes use of these rentals is often, in most cases, a foreigner: the occupants of these spaces are usually families from northern Europe. search for sun and beach.

The Costa Brava is very important in the statistics of occupation and investment. Being their populations of the province of Girona the most profitable.